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Software and websites crafted

Notary's office in DRC

Foldat is file management software. It is most commonly used in public administration to combat the use of false documents allegedly issued by public services and make archive storage easier.

The ACEDH's website

The Congolese Alert for the Environment and Human Rights is one of the major local organizations of international renown working to protect the environment and biodiversity in the DRC.

AHRN Foundation

The Africa Human Rights Network Foundation is a Dutch organization, member of the International Shelter City Network, that works in relocation of at risk Human rights defenders in the Great Lakes region


INFOS DU CONTINENT is a media outlet (magazine) specialising in political news and investigation, based in Lomé in Togo.

CPA South Sudan

The Center for Peace and Advocay is a south sudanese NGO, working to defend human rights in general and active in conflict resolution

Digital Support

Digital support is platform initiated by the AHRN Foundation, that provides digital security training for Human rights defenders

AHRN Software

This is an ERP to make day-to-day management easier for the AHRN Foundation, in the field of HR, Finance and submition of employee's reports

YADA Network

The Young Afrian Defenders in Action is a pan-african network of human rights defenders that is established in 18 african countries

Social media of HRDs

African Activists is a social media initiated by AHRN Foundation, dedicated to Young African Human Rights Defenders, where they share their daily experience and connect with each other.

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